Pot Bust Blog Bustle

Man the news hounds have been having a field day as the long rumored Fed raid on Humboldt County has finally come to pass. A couple of local blogs have really been busy. The Humboldt Herald, always a stew of opinion has been gathering news snippets from various sources.  But the NCJ Blogthing has really been burning it up. And poor Hank Sims is trying to get out of town. Cruel irony  that he’s taking his first vacation in years as one of the biggest stories of the year unfolds.

Radio waves have been buzzing as well. KHUM has been following the story and according to Hank,  “tomorrow morning at 9:00 on 94.1 KSLG, John Matthews will receive an update on Operation Southern Sweep from FBI Special Agent Joseph Schadler.”

Hurrah for local live radio!