I’m Thankful for These Podcasts

Update 9/23/17: I am working on a new post about podcasts. In reviewing this old on I notice a number of shows listed that are no longer in existence. I have removed the links to them but left the reference for the record.

I know I should be pronouncing my gratitude for health, family, friends, good fortune and all that. And I am truly thankful for those things. But who couldn’t say that? Instead, I thought I’d take today to make a categorized list of my favorite podcasts. I go to the gym 2-3 times per week, and run about 40 minutes each day I don’t go to the gym. I wouldn’t survive these trials if  didn’t have my IPhone full of stuff to keep my mind occupied while my body toils away. Because I have so many I really enjoy, I try to find other times in the week to listen to my favorite shows.

I know most people listen to music when they work out, but I use the time to stay informed on news, economics, and technology. Or I listen to interviews of writers, or stories told or read. I don’t think my collection is particularly unique. Most of these are pretty well-known. But there may be one or two you might not have heard of. I would certainly love to have your suggestions of great shows in the comments. I can always find time to listen to something new.

General News and Commentary

News and Culture Interviews

  • Fresh Air: Who doesn’t love this show?
  • Bob Edward’s Weekend: Former NPR broadcaster always has interesting guests.
  • Open Source: Christopher Lydon interviews a diverse range of profound thinkers in many realms.

Fiction and Non-Fictions Stories

  • The Moth: True stories told live without notes.
  • This American Life: Always a treasure. Although I often hear this on air instead of through the podcast.
  • New Yorker Fiction: Stories from the New Yorker read by other writers who have chosen them.


  • This Week in Tech: Too long for me to hear in one setting. Almost always interesting and entertaining.
  • Buzz Out Loud: Daily recap and commentary on tech news.
  • Lullabot: A variety of Drupal news and interviews.
  • Macbreak Weekly: More from the Leo Laporte TWIT.TV network.


  • Planet Money: 3 times/week. Great for explaining hard concepts. Entertaining.
  • The Big Money: Good analysis of economic issues from Slate magazine.


I subscribe to several others. But I can’t listen to them all regularly, and some are video podcasts, which I don’t like to watch while I’m working out. I usually watch them on my laptop. Feel free to comment on this list and to share your favorites.