It’s Official. I’m An Old Guy!

As if I needed someone to tell me that at 57 I am, to most of the world, an old guy. One of the tools I use to monitor Twitter, let me know that someone tweeted the following: “ashromano : @rmorse8843 omg ur gonna die go look at bob morse he is this old guy!!!!! its great.i miss you already LMAOO”

Let me interpret: ashromano is the Twitter name for one Ashley Romano. She has no profile on Twitter, but I suspect from her photo that she’s about 18. She wanted to send a Tweet to her friend who also happens to be named Bob Morse. Unfortunately, she guessed wrong about his Twiiter name. Then she looked up @bobmorse and yes, found out, OMG! He’s an old guy!!!!!. I suspect all the extra exclamation points means like, really old. I sent @ashromano a Tweet back saying I was grateful for the declaration and hoped I could now get a discount at Denny’s. But I doubt she will read the message. I don’t think she understands much about Twitter.

BTW, I was confused by LMAOO. As far as I can tell it’s a typo for LMAO. Which I knew without looking up, stands for Laughing My Ass Off.

Oh. And BTW 2, it looks like I’ll be teaching a class in all this new fangled communication stuff to a bunch of other old folks this Fall as part of OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) through Humbldt State. And BTW 3 you can follow the REAL Bob Morse on Twitter.