This Seems Reasonable

I occasionally get spam voice mails to my Google phone. It’s not a number I answer so the i only hear the message when I play the recording. I got one the other day. Here’s the transcript:

“I’m charged $1,499. We noticed some suspicious activity on your account. So we have put on hold to this transaction, please press one now. And to report please press two.”

That’s quite an accurate transcript of the message. But it seems like something was left out at the beginning before the recording kicked in. But to get the full effect of how ludicrous and bumbling this attempt is, you should really listen to the audio.

I really don’t get it. Is anyone ever fooled by this kind of thing? I surely hope not.

Cops Get Fooled Again

This video is hilarious. The “psychic” tells how she got involved in this missing person case in Nevada. I love the quote: “It’s called psychometry”. That’s a made up word where the psychic feels objects and gets feelings, and visions from them. I also like “I try to stay out of my mind”. No duh. (I wish I could embed the video here, but the code the source site supplies defies my technical ability:

Psychic InterviewPsychic Interview

What’s really bizarre is the “reporter’s” nonchalant acceptance, even encouragement of this cock and bull story. Where is the reporting? Where is the skepticism?