Upcoming RTC Events

The Redwood Technology Consortium is trying some new things this year as the result of polling our community and talking to people about what is most useful. Instead of monthly meetings we will be offering a seires of luncheons with panels on variousl topics. The first luncheon will be held February 2, 12-2 PM at the Plaza Grill in Arcata. People from Redwood Coast Connect will be discussing the final report which will be released around that time. Given the comments the project has engendered on the RTC Discussion list and the proposed policy changes at the national, state and local levels regarding telcommunications and broadband, this should prove a lively event. Reservations can be made online.

On March 14, RTC is planning a Tech Conference. This intended to be a more focused event that the old Tech Expo RTC used to host each year. The focus will be on skill development and showcasing tech innovations. While a few things such as at least for hours of training in online marketing, RTC is currently accepting proposals for presentations. This is a chance for local technology experts to share innovations and expertise in a variety of areas. The First Annual Northcoast Technology Conference will be held at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center.