The Apocalypse Approacheth?

So the interwebs are all a-flutter with the Swine Flu possible pandemic. You haven’t heard? Then you are not connected!!! Are you not using Twitter? Don’t you have your Google Alerts set to swine flu as it happens?

Seriously, the news cycle is now measured in nanoseconds and is unverified but replicated endlessly. Perhaps, this thing disease has legs. But it’s really hard to tell. Mashable, at least, has published a brief article that provides some level headed sources for information.

Of course, Google  itself has its own map for tracking the episodes of swine flu.

Have fun!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Man, it’s been a busy time at Morse Media and I haven’t had a moment to finish a full blog post. Lots of christmas_ornamentstweets, though. I hope to change that soon. Lots of backlogged draft posts and ideas. In the meantime I want to wish everyone how happens across this old blog the Merriest of Christmases and a blessed New Year.

Get Congress on Twitter!

I have started using Twitter a bit more earnestly in the last couple weeks. I had put it off for along time, not really seeing the value. But now I am hooked and learning from it. I am working on a longer post about Twitter. But in the meantime here is a cool service that links you to Congresspeoples’s Twitter accounts. And this page is a list of California Senators and Representatives who don’t yet use Twitter. Come on Mike Thompson. Get yer Tweet on! Nancy Pelosi, I’m following you…


I joined Twitter quite a while ago like I join nearly everything that comes along (LinkedIn, FacebooSongbirdk, OK not MySpace,  but Twine, Newsvine, Jaiku, I can’t even remember all the Web 2.0 things I’ve signed up for) and then pretty much forgot about it. But every once in a while I get an email that someone is following me on Twitter. My first thought is always, “How sad for them.” Then, I start feeling guilty. I don’t have many tweets (updates). In fact, the last one was March 28 and I was sick. But I have decided to try and learn more about Twitter. So, I started following a few people myself today, mostly to see how others use this tool. And I think I will start posting tweets as I go through the day. So, follow me…if you dare.