One of the more intriguing developments in the tech world has been the movement to get low cost, rugged laptops in the hands of children in the developing world. Nicholas Negroponte, the head Green Laptopof MIT’s Media Lab has been leading this program. It’s been dubbed the $100 laptop, but now that it’s ready to go on sale in November the price appears to be closer to $150. But here’s the deal: If you buy one for yourself, you’ll also be buying one for a child. Starting November 12 you can pay $300 $400 and get one for yourself while paying for one to be given to a child. What’s more, this sweet little machine is a big step toward a green machine. Something folks over on the RTC List have talked about.

You can donate a laptop to a child now or wait until the 12th to ‘get one give one’ here.

Thanks to the HumLug Mailing List for a couple of these links (the computer runs on Linux).