My original idea was to have a live, 30 minute talk show about technology with some commentary and some interviews. While this would take some extra coordination, writing and pre-production, once the show was done it was done.

What I have now is a 5 minute or so segement within a half hour show. So, I still have to do the pre-production work, tape an interview and then take what is usually a 10 to 20 minute piece and edit it down to 5 minutes. It’s the edit that takes forever. And I have to rely heaavily on Charles Horn who actually does all the edits while I watch over his shoulder. It’s a difficult, time consuming process. We’re getting a little better at it, and I am slowly learning the technical aspects.

Without Charles I wouldn’t have a show at all. Charles has a job as Director of Development for KHSU, plus his own weekly music show. I am grateful for all the time he has volunteered to help me get started. He won’t be able to continue as things heat up for him in August. I hope I can find someone else to help.