Last night I told my wife I needed to finish writing a presentation I am giving next week. I told her I needed to sit down and get it in to the computer because I have been writing it in my head. She said too bad there wasn’t a device that allowed my thoughts to go directly in to a computer. “Yeah”, I said. “That would be cool.” Well, guess what:
Typewriter cap
The New Scientist has an article about a new device that translates thoughts into cursor commands thus allowing you type just by thinking! It’s almost like we thought this device in to being! Of course, this is a prototype, but once they make some improvements such when they “…develop a cap that does not have to be attached directly to the scalp. This should make the device easier to use and cause less skin irritation for the wearer.”

Once they get this worked out, I can imagine this tool to be just the ticket for bloggers! No longer would you need to go through the effort of ‘composing’ a blog post. Just put on the cap, log in to your blog site and think away. After all, you can’t expect a blogger to get a rash just for sharing random thoughts with the world.

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