The war over operating systems (Mac v Windows, Linux v Everyone, etc.) has a long and inglorious past. Mention of one OS in a favorable light in some circles will set off flame wars so it’s often best to avoid such advocacy. A couple incidents recently have caused me to swallow hard and not respond directly to what could be considered prime flame bait. But since I only have “6 readers” let’s assume this post is just among friends and won’t stir up an OS battle.

Incident #1: A friend of my daughter announced the other day her family had purchased a new computer. We half-jokingly asked, “Oh did you buy a Mac?” “No”, she said, “We’re solidly PC people and we’re not about to switch now.” I nodded understandingly. Made sense, why switch if they are happy with what they’ve got? Well, then she proceeded to tell me about her Dad’s computer and how it inconsistently stays connected to the Internet. In order to do anything on his computer over the network he would have to reboot over and over again, up to 10 times a day! My wife reminded me that it’s all about the games. Ah yes, there are more games made for PCs than any other Operating System.

Incident #2: Chris Crawford’s most recent North Coast Tech Blog post described a nightmare battle with his crashed PC. In the post, he gives a nod to Linux and Mac users but insists he has to stick with “Windoze” because all the people he works with are stuck in that world and he has to share files them.

Hellooo! Have none of these folks been reading tech news? Apple has moved all its new computers to run on Intel chips. The same chips that run PCs. So, now with new Intel based Mac you can have your cake and eat it to! Not only can you run Mac OS which has a unix based core, but with Parallels installed you can run Windows natively.

Granted, Macs still cost a little more than a comparable PC. But when you factor in the ease of use, the stability, the better security, you’re probably saving a bundle in improved productivity. That is, if you think your time has value.