There is an interesting exchange on Bob Doran’s nascent blog (Bob is a writer for the North Coast Journal who wrote a cover story on Humboldt County blogs). He writes about his lack of knowledge about vlogs (video blogs) having just learned such a thing existed. I guess he doesn’t have time to read other newspapers. If he did he might have come across my Tech Beat article in the Times-Standard last November: Blogs, vlogs and podcasts: Syndicated content made easy through RSS. Vlogs have been around for over a year already.

The main point of that article, though is the use of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) which allows someone to ‘subscribe’ to a web resource in order to be notified whenever that resource has been updated. The beauty of RSS is that you don’t have to keep visiting a web site to see if something new has been posted. Your RSS reader checks for you and keeps you informed. The RSS feed link to this blog can be found in the right column under the ‘Meta’ heading. What’s odd about all the Humboldt County blogs I have been visiting is that I can’t find the RSS link in any of them. It’s usually a text link, like mine, or a little orange button that says RSS or XML (exstensible markup language – RSS is a form of XML – I know, too geeky). I would subscribe to several of these blogs, including Bob’s but the feature is missing. Most of them are using Blogger, a very popular hosted system. I know they have this feature in their software. Maybe we need a Humboldt Blogger workshop.