For a tech guy it pains me to keep railing against tech gadgets that should make our life better. But computer based voting machines are the exception. Ever since the various systems were introduced, computer experts have clearly pointed out their inadequate security. Already, many elections that have relied on these machines have been called in to question.  And now, comes “shocking” news that many of the machines already in place throughout California have serious security holes.

As I have said before, this is a case of politicians making decisions about technology without really understanding it. Kind of like our Congress claiming peer-to-peer networks threaten national security.

Anyway, it’s interesting that the SFGate article doesn’t mention Humboldt County. But the voting machines used here were part of the study. The full report on the independent sutdy can be found here.

Already the study  has fueled some action in Congress which has crafted a bi-partisan bill banning paperless voting machines. However, as the NY Times points out, even it  the bill get through the House, chances are it will die in the Senate.