The headlines were rather alarming. The Apple IPhone is storing data both on the phone and on the computer where you connect with ITunes that reveals all the places where you’ve accessed a cell tower. Who knows why? Who knows if other phones are doing the same thing.

Even though Apple doesn’t seem to be sucking the data to their own servers, apparently people are really concerned that hackers, estranged spouses, marketers and law enforcement (should I include lawyers in that nefarious list? OK, lawyers) could get access to this unencrypted data somehow.


So I downloaded the application and ran it to see just what these folks (I don’t have any estranged spouses I hasten to add! Yet! Dear!) might lean about me. Below is a screenshot of the resulting file. I can zero in closer and get more detail, but I don’t want EVERYONE to know EVERYTHING about me.Of course, this data doesn’t include my Foursquare checkins, Tweets and Facebook posts which all reveal far more.

My Iphone tracking record
So what does this reveal about me? I need to get out more. Apparently I don’t like to go anywhere except California and the Pacific Northwest. But who can blame me?