Fred brought to my attention that a few political links in HumGuide were broken. It’s hard to keep up with them all as the election seasons come and go. But one really surprised me, especially at this time just before the election: The web site for the Humboldt County Republican Party was not working. I called the party office and the person I spoke to told me they didn’t know what had happened to the site. “We should have one.  But we don’t, I guess. We have lots of bumper stickers and yard signs though if you want to come by.”  He also said, they had been cleared out of them recently, “We’ve been hammered.”

I did some checking and it appears that no one bothered to renew the domain name ( since it’s been deleted from the whois database and is now available, if anyone wants to grab it.

Just for the record the Humboldt County Democratic Party site is doing fine.

Kind of strange that our local parties reflect the national party candidates as one being technically forward thinking and the other not so much.