Reuters is reporting that around 20 different cell phone models that will offer the capability taking advantage of wireless Internet connections will be rolled out this year. The dual cell and Wi-Fi functionality, called ‘cell-fi’ in the article means that users will be able to switch from their normal cell phone carrier service to free wireless service when in a hotspot area to make phone calls. Thise will be a problem for cell services causing loss of revenue, but will be a boon to those who can take advantage of the lowered cost. At the moment, hotspots are in Humboldt County are still scarce. For example, if you bought one of these new phones and you were in Eureka, you’d only be able to take advantage of the wirreless feature at a few locations like Lost Coast Brewery or Old Town Coffee and Chocolates. But I am confident this will be change. I predict that within the year, as those new models become available, at least one or two wireless mesh networks will become available or will at least be in to the implementation phase.