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Update 2: A memorial for Chris will be held, Monday, April 11, 5-7 PM at the Arkley Center.

Update: Nice article today in the Times-Standard by Donna Tam.

I was deeply saddened when I learned Chris Crawford died this weekend. I knew he had been suffering from cancer that was only recently diagnosed and the prognosis was not good. Still, the news was shocking.

Chris was a friend and colleague. We worked together primarily through the Redwood Technology Consortium. He, along with Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson helped revive the organization when it had lost some of its drive. They led the charge to finally get the (still) only fiber line completed when Pac Bell and CalTrans were at a standstill. After Chris left the board of RTC he continued to promote the best uses of technology by writing for and managing the Tech Beat series that appears in the Times-Standard and other local publications each week. I think I was the last one to submit an arChris Crawfordticle to Chris before he withdrew from that service to focus on his health.

in addition to working with RTC, Chris was a big booster of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, served on the board there and did a stint as Board President. In his own business he traveled all over trying to improve the efficiency of court systems primarily through the best uses of technology.

Chris loved this community and was passionate about developing the economy and furthering the technology infrastructure of the region. He was one of the most eloquent off the cuff speakers I knew. And he loved to speak his mind.

When I briefly worked as a realtor I was fortunate to sell Elaine and Chris their house on Humboldt Hill. And then enjoyed many great parties there. Talk about a mix of people! Chris was gregarious, poured good drink, and laughed loudly.

He will be sorely missed. Goodbye, buddy…

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  1. I’ll miss that “throw back the head” laugh of Chris’ too, and his droll wit. When I gave up my blog, he sent me a New Yorker card with two dogs in a cartoon. One is saying to the other, “I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to pointless, incessant barking.”

  2. Ha! He thought Twitter was twaddle, too.

  3. I got know Chris in his role coordinating the “Tech Beat” column, for which I am (was?) a contributing author. We shared a common interest in bringing national policy intelligence to our local community

    Chris was a bright colleague and a worthy ally. He was always ready to challenge assumptions to advance our collective knowledge. His valuable experience and deep knowledge helped to bridge discussions across the public and private sectors.

    We often disagreed, but I always appreciated his perspective.

    A real loss for the community.

  4. Such sad, heartbreaking, and completely shocking news. Chris and I spoke by e-mail less than two months ago. I cannot believe this amazing, funny, intelligent, and gifted man is gone. I had the honor of corresponding with him on numerous Tech Beat articles over the last few years. He was always so complimentary and kind. My heart is beyond heavy for his family’s–and Humboldt County’s–loss.

  5. What a devastating loss. We still can’t believe it.

    The day Chris showed up at a RTC meeting, we knew there was something special in the air. He just had this “git ‘er done, dammit!” energy about him and before we knew it, his leadership got RTC on its feet again. We went from arguing about virtual cookies to making the leap into the 90s. How refreshing!

    Chris and Elaine will always be an epic couple in our hearts. Their love, their generosity and their kindness to everyone is something so rare and special. Nobody will ever come close.

    We miss him deeply.

  6. “Look, it’s like this…” [fill in the blank with your favorite Crawfordism]

    To say Chris will be missed is an understatement, but he will always hold a very special place in my heart. Godspeed my friend. Thank you for everything.

  7. LOLWTFE! (laughing out loud with tear-filled eyes).
    Good one Jim. Sniff.

  8. Chris is really going to be missed. I’ve known him about a dozen years – he joined the RTC at a critical time a few years after it was founded and brought some life and energy to the organization that was sorely needed. Chris was a solid business conservative, but he was a guy you could argue with and then go out for a beer together. He was a great “cross-pollinator” by getting the RTC message into the Eureka Chamber and City Council. He helped make this place the special place it is and certainly helped lay the foundation for our digital future. We won’t forget you Chris!

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  11. It;s really great to see all the comments about my Uncle Chris. He will be missed by everyone

  12. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks. Glad you found the blog post. I think about Chris often. I still have a hard time believing he’s gone.

  13. We were just talking about Chris with someone today. We all miss him. He won a prestigious award at a court management annual event this year. The award was planned long before anyone knew Chris was ill. I’m trying to find out more about it, and I’ll post on this thread if I learn anything.

  14. @jerry I thought about replying when I first saw your comment too. Chris and Elaine always spoke very high of you, and the fun times you had at the races. (Rene and I had some good times at the races with Chris and Elaine too!) I’m sorry we never got a chance to meet. Check the LiveWorkDream link above for our tribute to one of the kindest men I’ve ever met.

  15. @Jim, I Saw the tribute to Chirs on the LiveWorkDream link it was very nice. Once again thanks to everyone.

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