poor rocky

I think I started out the new year right, today. I got up early and after the frost melted, went for a long run in the early morning sun. I encountered this poor fellow who didn’t fair as well as I.  His life, like so many has been cut short but I keep moving, grateful, at nearly 60 to have some more time to breath and be productive.

I have so many ideas and goals and projects in the hopper but I don’t want to make resolutions. I make them every day, anyway. Some I keep, some I don’t. They’re called to do lists. I’d maybe like to get more of each list done. So, that’s my one resolution. Get more done each day.

Not everything on my lists is work related after all: Do 2 lessons in learning Italian, write 2 pages of fiction, read the New Yorker and the Wall Street Journal, work an hour on personal web projects, work out for an hour. These are sometimes very hard to get to each day.  There’s so much else that I let take priority. But looking at that raccoon makes me want to shift those priorities around. That’s the daily challenge.